About Us



 I started working at 13 years old for my parents Restaurant in Brea, California. It was here that I

learned the fundamentals of cooking and hoping to become a Culinary Chef. At 18 years old, I left my parents restaurant and went to work for the Anaheim Marriott Hotel. It was here that I was introduced to World Class International Pastry and knew what my calling was. I learned an appreciated by a lot of Chefs. These Chefs took me a lot about pastry, desserts and breads. After 9 years of outstanding work ethic from my father that was

me under there wings and taught training with these professionals, I was able to continue my learning as an Executive Pastry Chef. I have worked in various Hotels & Resorts and Casinos in Arizona and California. I have an

opportunity to open Sa Morz Bakery with my wife and able to share our experiences with you.



 I started working at the age of 16 and in my 20's I started working with Garden Fresh

Corporation where I learned about Customer Service and Hospitality. As I progressed thru the company, I was able to manage several of their Corporate Restaurants and honed my newly learned skills. After 8 years I was able to move to various low volume restaurants in-order to improve the Employee Moral and Customer Service. It was the daily challenge that I loved to face each day. 16 years later, I went to work for Panera Bread and saw how fresh baked breads and pastry were done on a daily basis, and now I have the opportunity to open Sa Morz Bakery with my Husband and share with you all that we have learned.